Imagine a world without sickness

Imagine Health is a new initiative launching at SXSW 2019 that brings together diverse leaders in healthcare innovation to solve outstanding threats to the establishment of health equity.

It is a historic convening of healthcare leaders, innovators, and stakeholders gathering for five days of programming focused on the broad spectrum of health determinants to include not only medical care, but to also include:

  • Housing insecurity
  • Food insecurity
  • Transportation
  • Access to home and community-based services
  • Crime, violence, and social disorder
  • Stigma
  • Housing insecurity
  • Education and SES level

It will also address the healthcare needs of those in developing nations, to senior adults around the globe, and to those trapped in opioid addiction in the United States and beyond.

Don’t let this opportunity pass by

Imagine Health will take place at SXSW and we want to see you there for our kick off.

Why this now?

Imagine Health at SXSW 2019 will imagine a global public health movement for the resource-starved and vulnerable poor. It will create ecosystems for transformative public and private partnerships between health innovators to eliminate health disparities.

These disparities are a systemic manifestation of inequities in wealth, power and privilege with regards to access to healthcare resources. By embracing health equity, Imagine Health seeks to correct these systemic disparities by providing underserved populations with greater access to the “highest attainable standard of health.”

Imagine Health At SXSW uniquely combines the creative, innovative and entrepreneurial attitudes of the startup community with large healthcare organizations.

Annual gathering of a greater movement.

Imagine Health @ SXSW will be an annual gathering of a greater movement that convenes an ever-expanding network on health innovation and equity leaders to launch new collaborative initiatives and share progress on the previous year’s collaborations.

In a time when not everyone is born with equal access to awesome healthcare in North America and around the globe, we will explore transformative models of public and private partnerships that eliminate health disparities.

No initiative will be off limits as we consider how corporate, philanthropic, academic, government, venture capital, advocacy and health startups can strategize together, share a language of collaboration, and imagine a world without sickness.

Join us and take an active responsibility for the inadequacies of the American healthcare system. Help us connect the healthcare, innovators, and stakeholders who can make real change happen.

First year goals

  1. Identify common priorities for research, funding and collaboration of innovations that drive health equity
  2. Identify opportunities for sharing data and propose metrics for monitoring progress
  3. Identify, launch and report on activities throughout the year that reinforce Imagine Health goals
  4. Identify methods of telling the stories, including research, white papers and/or multimedia
  5. Connect early stage startups to large health brands to address innovations in health equity
  6. Connect leaders across sectors to share best practices
  7. Provide an annual meeting time and space for ideas to be shared and connections to be made